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Forthcoming books

  • Being a Human, in French (Actes Sud), German (Malik), Dutch (Signatuur), Chinese (Golden Rose), Japanese (Kawade Shobo) and Turkish (Kolektif)
  • The Siege: Profile
  • A Little Brown Sea: Fair Acre Press
  • The Screaming Sky (German edition): Malik Verlag
  • When animals and humans clash: The science and law of human-animal conflict (with John Cooper): Taylor & Francis
  • Choosing Life, Choosing Death: (Chinese edition): Commercial Publishers
  • Medical Law: A Very Short Introduction: (Chinese edition): Yilin Press

Published books

  • Being a Human (2021): Profile and Metropolitan/Henry Holt
  • The Screaming Sky (2021): Little Toller
  • The law as a moral agent: Making people good (2021) (with Jonathan Herring):Springer
  • Routledge Handbook of Global Health Rights (2021) (editor, with Clayton O’Neill, Jonathan Herring and John Tingle): Routledge
  • Human thriving and the law (2018) (with Jonathan Herring): Springer
  • Identity, Personhood and the law (2017) (with Jonathan Herring): Springer
  • Depression: Law and Ethics (2017)(editor,with Jonathan Herring): OUP
  • Being a Beast: Picador (2017)
  • Medical Law, Ethics and Communication At A Glance: Wiley Blackwell: Editor with Mikey Dunn, Patrick Davey, Anna Rathmell and Helen Salisbury (2016)
  • Altruism, Welfare and the Law (with Jonathan Herring): Springer (2015)
  • Dementia: Law and Ethics: Hart (2014) (Editor: with Jonathan Herring and Israel Doron)
  • Medical Law: A Very Short Introduction (2013): Oxford University Press
  • In the hot unconscious: An Indian Journey: Westland (2012)
  • Human dignity in bioethics and law (2012): Hart
  • Wired for God? The biology of spiritual experience: Hodder (2011)
  • The Sacred Journey: Thomas Nelson (2010)
  • The Misadventures of Mr. Badshot: Quiller (2010)
  • Medical Law Precedents: Wildy (2010)
  • Oral feeding difficulties and dilemmas: A guide to practical care, particularly towards the end of life: Royal College of Physicians, London (co-author: member of Working Party) (2010)
  • Guide to tripping and slipping cases (with Ben Bradley): Jordans (2010) and subsequent ed (2015)
  • Choosing Life, choosing Death – The Tyranny of Autonomy in Medical Law and Ethics: Hart (2009)
  • The Selfless Gene: Living with God and Darwin: Hodder (2008)
  • Tracking the Ark of the Covenant: Lion Hudson (2007)
  • The Christmas mystery: What on earth happened at Bethlehem?: Authentic (2007)
  • Medical mistakes: Claerhout Law Publishers (2007)
  • Elements of Medical Law: (2nd Edition): Claerhout Law Publishers (2007)
  • Consent and confidentiality: A case study in the management of epilepsy: (CD Rom): TVF Communications (2006)
  • The Jesus Inquest: Monarch Books (2006).
  • Elements of Medical Law: Barry Rose (2005)
  • Travellers in the Near East: Stacey International (Editor) (2004)
  • Twenty-First Century Nursing: Law and Ethics: TVF Medical Communications/Pharmacia (CD Rom), 2003, (with John Tingle and Kay Wheat).
  • Regulating Health Care Quality: Legal and Professional Issues: Butterworth Heinemann/Elsevier Science (Editor, with John Tingle and Kay Wheat) (2004)
  • Clinical Guidelines: Law, policy and practice: Cavendish, (2002) (Editor, with John Tingle and chapter on “Civil procedure, trial issues and clinical guidelines).
  • Drafting: Cavendish, 2nd Ed. 2001 (with Elmer Doonan).
  • Civil Advocacy: Cavendish (with Charles Bourne, Jacqui Gilliatt and Prashant Popat): 2nd Ed. (2001)
  • Clinical confidentiality: Monitor Press, 2000 (with Nick Peacock)
  • Personal Injury Toolkit: FT Law and Tax/ Sweet and Maxwell: with Graham Reeds and Mark Bennet, 1st Ed.1997. Subsequent editions to 2015
  • Disclosure and Confidentiality: FT Law and Tax, 1996 (with T. Wynn and N. Ainley)
  • Tripping and Slipping Cases: A Practitioner’s Guide: Longman/FT Law and Tax/Sweet and Maxwell, 1st Ed. 1994: 2nd Ed. 1996: 3rd Ed. 2002, 4th Ed. 2009

Book translations and audiobooks

  • Being a Beast: Spanish edition: Capitán Swing (2019)
  • Being a Beast: Korean edition: Nulwa (2019)
  • Being a Beast: Turkish edition: Kolektif Kitap (2019)
  • Being a Beast: Danish edition: Gyldendal (2018)
  • Being a Beast (audio book in Polish): Wydawnictwo Poznańskie (2018)
  • Being a Beast: Italian edition: Bompiani (2017)
  • Being a Beast: French edition: Editions JC Lattès (2017)
  • Being a Beast: Dutch edition: Signatuur (2017)
  • Being a Beast: Simplified Chinese edition: Cheers Publishing (2017)
  • Being a Beast: Standard Chinese edition: Flaneur (2017)
  • Being a Beast: Japanese edition: Kawade Shobo (2017)
  • Being a Beast: Polish edition: Wydawnictwo Poznańskie
  • Being a Beast: Profile (2016)
  • Being a Beast: Adventures across the species divide: Metropolitan (2016)
  • Being a Beast (audiobook: read by Charles Foster): PenguinRandomHouse (2016)
  • Being a Beast (audiobook: read by Jot Davies): Audible (2016)
  • Being a Beast: German edition (‘Der Geschmack von Laub und Erde’): Malik (2017)
  • Der Geschmack von Laub und Erde (audiobook: read by Wanja Mues): Malik (2017)
  • Wired for God (Croatian Edition): Ostvaranje, Croatia(2012)
  • The Jesus Inquest (Polish Edition): Salvatore Press(2012)
  • The Jesus Inquest (Lithuanian Edition), LPT Press(2012)
  • The Jesus Inquest (US Edition):Thomas Nelson (2012)
  • The Selfless Gene (US Edition):Thomas Nelson (2009)
  • The Jesus Inquest, German Edition (German edition) (2008) (Die Akte Jesus: Pattloch)
  • The Selfless Gene (Chinese Edition): Commercial Press, Taiwan (2012)
  • Drafting (Chinese Edition) (2008)
  • Book Chapters

    Forthcoming book chapters

    • The disciplinary machinery of the GMC: Oxford Handbook of Medical Law and Ethics: OUP’
    • ‘The Ethics of Molecular Medicine’, in ‘Molecular Medicine’, ed Donald Chambers, Garland Press
    • ‘Ethics in Paediatric Surgery: in ‘Textbook of Paediatric Surgery: OUP, Ed Paul Johnston
    • ‘The law of ENT surgery: in Textbook of ENT surgery, OUP, Ed Maurice Hawthorne

    Published book chapters