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Forthcoming books

  • Being a Human, in French (Actes Sud), German (Malik), Chinese (Golden Rose), Japanese (Kawade Shobo), Turkish (Kolektif), Czech (Audiolibrix), Spanish (Tendencias), Romanian (Humanitas) and Italian (Solferino)
  • The Siege: Dispatches from our war on the wild: Profile
  • A Little Brown Sea: Fair Acre Press
  • Faiths Lost and Found (with Martyn Percy): Darton Longman and Todd
  • The Screaming Sky (German edition): Malik Verlag
  • When animals and humans clash: The science and law of human-animal conflict (with John Cooper): Taylor & Francis
  • Choosing Life, Choosing Death: (Chinese edition): Commercial Publishers
  • Medical Law: A Very Short Introduction: (Chinese edition): Yilin Press

Published books

  • Being a Human (2021): Profile and Metropolitan/Henry Holt
  • The Screaming Sky (2021): Little Toller
  • The law as a moral agent: Making people good (2021) (with Jonathan Herring):Springer
  • Routledge Handbook of Global Health Rights (2021) (editor, with Clayton O’Neill, Jonathan Herring and John Tingle): Routledge
  • Human thriving and the law (2018) (with Jonathan Herring): Springer
  • Identity, Personhood and the law (2017) (with Jonathan Herring): Springer
  • Depression: Law and Ethics (2017)(editor,with Jonathan Herring): OUP
  • Being a Beast: Picador (2017)
  • Medical Law, Ethics and Communication At A Glance: Wiley Blackwell: Editor with Mikey Dunn, Patrick Davey, Anna Rathmell and Helen Salisbury (2016)
  • Altruism, Welfare and the Law (with Jonathan Herring): Springer (2015)
  • Dementia: Law and Ethics: Hart (2014) (Editor: with Jonathan Herring and Israel Doron)
  • Medical Law: A Very Short Introduction (2013): Oxford University Press
  • In the hot unconscious: An Indian Journey: Westland (2012)
  • Human dignity in bioethics and law (2012): Hart
  • Wired for God? The biology of spiritual experience: Hodder (2011)
  • The Sacred Journey: Thomas Nelson (2010)
  • The Misadventures of Mr. Badshot: Quiller (2010)
  • Medical Law Precedents: Wildy (2010)
  • Oral feeding difficulties and dilemmas: A guide to practical care, particularly towards the end of life: Royal College of Physicians, London (co-author: member of Working Party) (2010)
  • Guide to tripping and slipping cases (with Ben Bradley): Jordans (2010) and subsequent ed (2015)
  • Choosing Life, choosing Death – The Tyranny of Autonomy in Medical Law and Ethics: Hart (2009)
  • The Selfless Gene: Living with God and Darwin: Hodder (2008)
  • Tracking the Ark of the Covenant: Lion Hudson (2007)
  • The Christmas mystery: What on earth happened at Bethlehem?: Authentic (2007)
  • Medical mistakes: Claerhout Law Publishers (2007)
  • Elements of Medical Law: (2nd Edition): Claerhout Law Publishers (2007)
  • Consent and confidentiality: A case study in the management of epilepsy: (CD Rom): TVF Communications (2006)
  • The Jesus Inquest: Monarch Books (2006).
  • Elements of Medical Law: Barry Rose (2005)
  • Travellers in the Near East: Stacey International (Editor) (2004)
  • Twenty-First Century Nursing: Law and Ethics: TVF Medical Communications/Pharmacia (CD Rom), 2003, (with John Tingle and Kay Wheat).
  • Regulating Health Care Quality: Legal and Professional Issues: Butterworth Heinemann/Elsevier Science (Editor, with John Tingle and Kay Wheat) (2004)
  • Clinical Guidelines: Law, policy and practice: Cavendish, (2002) (Editor, with John Tingle and chapter on “Civil procedure, trial issues and clinical guidelines).
  • Drafting: Cavendish, 2nd Ed. 2001 (with Elmer Doonan).
  • Civil Advocacy: Cavendish (with Charles Bourne, Jacqui Gilliatt and Prashant Popat): 2nd Ed. (2001)
  • Clinical confidentiality: Monitor Press, 2000 (with Nick Peacock)
  • Personal Injury Toolkit: FT Law and Tax/ Sweet and Maxwell: with Graham Reeds and Mark Bennet, 1st Ed.1997. Subsequent editions to 2015
  • Disclosure and Confidentiality: FT Law and Tax, 1996 (with T. Wynn and N. Ainley)
  • Tripping and Slipping Cases: A Practitioner’s Guide: Longman/FT Law and Tax/Sweet and Maxwell, 1st Ed. 1994: 2nd Ed. 1996: 3rd Ed. 2002, 4th Ed. 2009

Book translations and audiobooks

  • Being a Human: Dutch edition: Signatuur (2021)
  • Being a Beast: Spanish edition: Capitán Swing (2019)
  • Being a Beast: Korean edition: Nulwa (2019)
  • Being a Beast: Turkish edition: Kolektif Kitap (2019)
  • Being a Beast: Danish edition: Gyldendal (2018)
  • Being a Beast (audio book in Polish): Wydawnictwo Poznańskie (2018)
  • Being a Beast: Italian edition: Bompiani (2017)
  • Being a Beast: French edition: Editions JC Lattès (2017)
  • Being a Beast: Dutch edition: Signatuur (2017)
  • Being a Beast: Simplified Chinese edition: Cheers Publishing (2017)
  • Being a Beast: Standard Chinese edition: Flaneur (2017)
  • Being a Beast: Japanese edition: Kawade Shobo (2017)
  • Being a Beast: Polish edition: Wydawnictwo Poznańskie
  • Being a Beast: Profile (2016)
  • Being a Beast: Adventures across the species divide: Metropolitan (2016)
  • Being a Beast (audiobook: read by Charles Foster): PenguinRandomHouse (2016)
  • Being a Beast (audiobook: read by Jot Davies): Audible (2016)
  • Being a Beast: German edition (‘Der Geschmack von Laub und Erde’): Malik (2017)
  • Der Geschmack von Laub und Erde (audiobook: read by Wanja Mues): Malik (2017)
  • Wired for God (Croatian Edition): Ostvaranje, Croatia(2012)
  • The Jesus Inquest (Polish Edition): Salvatore Press(2012)
  • The Jesus Inquest (Lithuanian Edition), LPT Press(2012)
  • The Jesus Inquest (US Edition):Thomas Nelson (2012)
  • The Selfless Gene (US Edition):Thomas Nelson (2009)
  • The Jesus Inquest, German Edition (German edition) (2008) (Die Akte Jesus: Pattloch)
  • The Selfless Gene (Chinese Edition): Commercial Press, Taiwan (2012)
  • Drafting (Chinese Edition) (2008)
  • Book Chapters

    Forthcoming book chapters

    • ‘Identity’, in ‘Key Legal Concepts in Literature’ (with Estafania Cuero): De Gruyter
    • The disciplinary machinery of the GMC: Oxford Handbook of Medical Law and Ethics: OUP’
    • ‘Why tyrants hate symphony orchestras’, in ‘The Last Penguin of Kiev: A manifesto on freedom and Liberty’: Uitgeverij Byblos.’
    • ‘The Ethics of Molecular Medicine’, in ‘Molecular Medicine’, ed Donald Chambers, Garland Press
    • ‘Ethics in Paediatric Surgery: in ‘Textbook of Paediatric Surgery: OUP, Ed Paul Johnston
    • ‘The law of ENT surgery: in Textbook of ENT surgery, OUP, Ed Maurice Hawthorne

    Published book chapters

      • On hunting: in Animals in our midst: The challenges of co-existing with animals in the Anthropocene (2021), ed Bernice Bovenkerk and Jozef Keulartz: Springer
      • The Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Articles 1,2, 3, 5, and 6: In Routledge Handbook of Global Health Rights (2021) (ed Clayton O’Neill, Charles Foster, Jonathan Herring, and John Tingle): Routledge
      • A right to health: A right granted and agreed, but limited or denied? (with Clayton O’Neill):In Routledge Handbook of Global Health Rights (2021) (ed Clayton O’Neill, Charles Foster, Jonathan Herring, and John Tingle): Routledge
      • How should the performance of periparturient vaginal examinations be regulated? in Women’s birthing bodies and the law: Unauthorised intimate examinations, power and vulnerability (2020), ed Camilla Pickles and Jonathan Herring: Hart
      • Human dignity in medical law: in Philosophical foundations of medical law (2019), OUP Ed. Andelka Phillips and Jonathan Herring
      • ‘Anthropomorphism: faulty thinking or useful tool? In Animal Welfare in a Changing World (2019): CABI, Ed Andy Butterworth’ pp. 177-181
      • Patient safety and substantive English medical law: in Global Patient Safety: Law, Policy and Practice (2019), ed John Tingle, Clayton O’Neill and Morgan Shimwell: Routledge
      • Depression and civil liability: In Depression: Law and Ethics (2017), ed Charles Foster and Jonathan Herring, OUP
      • I am not depressed: in Depression: Law and Ethics (2017), ed Charles Foster and Jonathan Herring, OUP
      • ‘On rebuilding Noah’s ark and drinking old Burgundy’,in Philosophers Take On the World (2016) and 2nd ed 2018, Ed David Edmonds, OUP
      • My son’s dyslexic and I’m glad’, in Philosophers Take On the World (2016) and 2nd ed 2018, Ed David Edmonds, OUP
      • The relationship between medical ethics, law and professionalism: in Medical Law and Ethics At A Glance (2016): Wiley Blackwell: Edited Charles Foster, Mikey Dunn and Patrick Davey
      • Bland: In Landmark Cases in Medical Law (2015), edited by Jonathan Herring and Jesse Wall: Hart
      • Notebooks: in Dark Mountain (2015).
      • Why no folk musicians vote Tory: in Dark Mountain (2015).
      • The Fail: in Dark Mountain (2014)
      • ‘What is health?’ in Law and Global Health: Current Legal Problems, OUP, 2014, 23-36 (with Jonathan Herring)
      • Beyond Words: in Dark Mountain (2013)
      • Negligence: The Legal Perspective: In Nursing Law and Ethics: Blackwell Scientific. 4th Ed., 2013. Ed. Tingle and Cribb.
      • Report writing and appearing in court: in Wildlife Forensics: Principles and Practice (2013), Ed John and Margaret Cooper, Taylor and Francis
      • A day in the life of a desert traveller: in How to Cross a Desert (2012), Tim Moss, How To Books
      • The Carmentis Machine: Legal and ethical issues in the use of neuroimaging to guide treatment withdrawal in newborn infants (with Dominic Wilkinson). In Law and Neuroscience (2013),Ed Michael Freeman, Current Legal Issues Vol. 13, OUP
      • Pre-trial clinical negligence issues: In Patient Safety Law: Policy and Practice (2013),Ed John Tingle and Pippa Bark, Routledge
      • Challenging the Inquiry: In Public Inquiries (2012), Ed. Jason Beer, OUP
      • Veterinary Negligence: in Professional Negligence and Liability, Ed Mark Simpson, Informa/LLP (2010 and subsequent editions – 2016)
      • What is the criminal law for? Chapter in ‘Advancing Opportunity: routes in and out of criminal justice (2008)’, Ed Rob Allen, Smith Institute.
      • Family law in the Caucasus and Central Asia: 1800-: In Encyclopaedia of Women and Islam (2006): Brill Press
      • Nursing Law and Ethics: Blackwell Scientific. 3nd Ed., (2006). Ed. Tingle and Cribb. Chapter on: Negligence: The legal perspective
      • It should be, therefore it is: In Medical Law: Text, Cases and Materials (2006), OUP: Ed. Emily Jackson
      • Tripping and slipping cases: Personal Injury Law and Precedents: Jordans/APIL: (2006)
      • Law, Freedom and Religious Principle in England: in Freedom Fighters (2005): Authentic Press. Ed. Rob Frost
      • Desert travel with camels: in Sahara Overland (2004): Trailblazer publications, 2004. Ed. Chris Scott
      • Disciplinary jurisdiction over the medical and other healthcare professions. In Regulating Health Care Quality: Legal and Professional Issues (2004): Butterworth Heinemann/Elsevier Science (Also Editor, with John Tingle and Kay Wheat)
      • The literature of travel and exploration: Fitzroy Dearborn, (2003) (contributor): Ed: Jennifer Speake. Essays on Cairo, Damascus, the Gobi desert, the Mekong River, travellers of the ancient Greek world, western travellers to Central Asia, Ranulph Fiennes, Fitzroy Maclean.
      • Civil procedure, trial issues and clinical guidelines. In Clinical Guidelines: Law, policy and practice: Cavendish, (2002) Also Editor with John Tingle
      • Negligence: The legal perspective: in Nursing Law and Ethics: Blackwell Scientific. 2nd Ed., 2002. Ed. Tingle and Cribb. Also subsequent editions – 2014.
      • Access, Procedure and the Human Rights Act 1998 in Medical Cases. In Healthcare Law: The impact of the Human Rights Act 1998 (Ed. Garwood-Gowers,Tingle and Lewis) (2001): Cavendish, 2001
      • The Zoology of Herodotus and his Greek descendants. In Desert Travellers: from Herodotus to T.E. Lawrence: Ed. Starkey and El Daly; ASTENE Publications (2000)



    Forthcoming articles

  • The highbrow caveman: Why proper atavism is high culture: Emergence
  • Review of ‘The Rise and Fall of the Emerald Tigers’, by Raghu Cundawat: Common Knowledge
  • Review of ‘Homing: On Pigeons, Dwellings, and Why We Return’, by Jon Day: Common Knowledge
  • Review of ‘The dawn of everything: A new history of humanity’, by David Graeber and David Wengrow: Fortean Times
  • Review of ‘Dark Persuasion: A History of Brainwashing from Pavlov to Social Media by Joel E Dimsdale Fortean Times

Published articles