‘A Little Brown Sea’ longlisted for the Runciman Award

Delighted that my very strange novel about Greece, Greekness, and the long reach of Poseidon has been long-listed for the Anglo-Hellenic League’s Runciman Award.

Some kind things people have said about it:

Brilliantly original-  a strange and elegant triumph.

Evie Wyld

Because the story of a life is the story of the lives that intersect with it, A Little Brown Sea broadens the scope of the novel to encompass the beings with which we share this planet and without which we cannot be fully ourselves. Charles Foster, working out in fiction the concerns that inform his remarkable non-fiction, combines here the curiosity of the scientist with the heart of a storyteller. I loved this aphoristic, argumentative and form-stretching novel, and hope others will let it mess with their heads.

Gregory Norminton

The fragmented polyphony of Charles Foster’s astonishingly ambitious and highly experimental debut novel, A Little Brown Sea, expresses the essential tohuwabohu of the human condition and provides a vehicle for the exploration of ‘ultimate questions’ of meaning and purpose, particularly in relation to the human encounter with self and the natural world.  The maverick spirit and boundary-breaking hybridity of the novel reflects similar qualities in Foster’s celebrated philosophical enquiries Being a Beast and Being a Human, confirming him as one of the most singular and important—both playful and profound—voices of our time.

Steve Ely






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