Ig Nobel Prize for Biology

Very pleased to announce that I have won an Ig Nobel Prize for Biology for the work in ‘Being a Beast’.






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  1. Tish Brennan Avatar
    Tish Brennan

    Congratulations ! and may you enjoy huic omnia privilegia et honores et iura et insignia iiis hunc gradum evectis pertinentia fruenda dedit (or other academic words to that effect)–which ‘honors’ I’m going to guess, given the folks at the Journal of Improbable Research, would be a t-shirt or a tea cup or perhaps both.
    If I had not been teaching the night of the awards, I would have been in Cambridge (which is only 70 miles from my home) to cheer you on.
    Best wishes for your future endeavors as I have enjoyed your past ones very much.

  2. Charles Avatar

    Very many thanks!

  3. Michel Avatar

    I love your experiment and vision!

  4. Charles Avatar

    Thank you so much! C

  5. Mark Tweedie Avatar
    Mark Tweedie

    I stumbled across this book by chance and am recommending it to every one! It is breathtaking and thrilling to read how you align yourself with the beasts and how you attempt to see the world through their eyes. Easily in my top two natural history books ever.

  6. Allan colquhoun Avatar
    Allan colquhoun

    B a B was an eye opener to me. Coming from crofting stock I think of myself a hunter/gatherer but with a liking for growing my (some) of my vegetables. I have stalked on Glenaladale, Glenfinan and Lochhilort as you have on some of these. The Red Deer section was most interesting. In some ways stalking Roe was better: being on ones one and doing it all was more full filling!
    Having just read this w/e FT and in particular L&A p.9 I identified with the final sentence ” so until someone proves to me otherwise, I will continue to regard my encounter with the cutllefish as a meeting of minds.”
    No doubt you wil be aware of the books reviewed in this article, if not they might be of interest.
    With many thanks for opening my eyes,
    Allan Colquhoun

  7. Douglas Perry Avatar
    Douglas Perry

    I only recently ‘met’ you via your interview on CBC Radio yesterday. How refreshing it is to hear your thoughts on humans and the universe and all things in between. I smiled when you talked about the connection you feel between animals and self. It is indeed difficult to talk about this dynamic with people. ‘Crazy’ definitely might enter their thoughts at some point. I have practiced this transference with humans, plants, animals, and stones… This is what some musicians get up to…
    I have ordered Wired for God from my Toronto Public Library. As far as the Award goes. Congratulations! I look forward to reading many of your books. I like how you think!!!!

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