Being a Beast talks in the UK

Currently scheduled 2016 UK talks are:

9 February: Royal Geographical Society
5 March: Words by the Water Festival
10 April: Oxford Literary Festival
23 April: Bristol Festival of Ideas
5 May: Chipping Campden Literary Festival
22 May: Wood Festival
27 May: Greenwich Literary Festival
8 June: Waterstones, Oxford
11 June: Cheltenham Science Festival
19 June: Wealden Literary Festival
31 July: Port Eliot Literary Festival
3 September: World Explorers’ Summit, Cardiff
11 September: Westhill Farm Project, Oxford
12 September: Future of Wild Europe Conference, University of Leeds
17 September: Oxford Alumni Weekend
22 September: London Salon
24 September: Write on Kew Literary Festival
2 October: Crickhowell Literary Festival
30 October: Wantage Literary Festival
12 November: Bridport Literary Festival






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  1. Greg Dahlen Avatar
    Greg Dahlen

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