In the wake of Leander: swimming the Hellespont

by Charles February 2, 2011

With a shout and a prayer and a curse, we leapt at dawn from a boat into the water of the Dardanelles and started to swim from Europe to Asia. It had all started in London over the umpteenth bottle of Bulgarian red. For a long time, I said, I had wanted to swim the […]

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A review of Iain McGilchrist’s The Master and his Emissary: The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World.

by Charles February 3, 2010

Published by Yale University Press, 597 pp. H/B (2009) : £28: ISBN 978 0 300 14878: P/B (2010): ISBN 978 0 300 168921 The world that each of us occupies is, at least in part, a creature of our brain. If we want to understand that world, we have to study our brains. In neurology, […]

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Education is child abuse

by Charles December 12, 2009

I took my son to school this morning. And I’m wondering if that was evil. Proponents of human cognitive enhancement are fond of saying that there is nothing very novel about their suggestions. There is no difference in principle, they say, between improving someone’s neural processing power by (for example) manipulation of the genome, and […]

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